What Our Clients Are Saying

We love our clients and what they are saying about MAD Greens catering.  Here are some of the reviews and feedback we have received recently:


 “Timely, fresh and presentation is great! I will order again from them.” 5 stars - Catie in Denver, CO


 “Very well received and a great set up that separates the food for those with dietary restrictions.”  5 stars – Dawn in Denver, CO


 “Mad greens is always a delicious fresh lunch.”  5 Stars - Casey in Golden, CO


“Right on time and everything was great! LOVE the salads. Would eat them every day if I could. I wish there was a Mad Greens in every city where we hold meetings.” – Five Stars - K.  in Denver, CO


 “No complaints. MAD Greens is a great go-to for a quick boxed lunch.” 5 Stars - Dave in Denver, CO


 “Great food and always a client favorite. I really appreciated that they were able to get in a last-minute order for me.” 5 Stars - Jessica in Denver, CO


As always, GREAT FOOD. Everyone loved it, it was a great lunch. All were happy. 5 Stars - Maria in Denver, CO


“Everyone loved it. It looked really fresh. Thanks!” 5 Stars - RB in Denver, CO


“When people walk out of a meeting and see Mad Greens food, they usually say "Thank God!". Quite the people pleaser! So filling and great variety!” 5 Stars -  K. in Denver, CO


“Healthy eaters and this was first time i ordered from there. it was very good.” 4 Stars Theresa in Englewood, CO


“Fresh, large variety, customers favorite . thank you” 4 Stars - Whitney in Aurora, CO


“Very large variety to choose from for all taste buds.” 5 Stars -  Whitney in Edgewater, CO


“Everyone was very happy with the selections from Mad Greens, It's a little more expensive then what I am used to getting but totally worth it.” 4 Stars - Josh in Lakewood, CO


“My team loved the salad bar. Delivery was on-time (well, 15 min late, but they contacted me a few hours in advance to ask if that would be okay and it was), friendly service, convenient set-up. I would definitely order again!” 4 Stars - Katy in Lakewood, CO


“People love this food. Best pasta ever with great service.” 5.0 stars - Whitney in Thornton, CO


“Always a great choice and always pleases everyone”. 5.0 stars - Ashley in Arvada, CO


Great variety for everyone to enjoy and eat.” 4 Stars – Whitney in Sheridan, CO


“Customers were really excited! They said they preferred this to mod market!” 4 Stars - Bradd in Arvada, CO


“The presentation is great, all salads and sandwiches have labels with ingredients on them and the food was excellent.” 4 Stars - Danette in Denver, CO


“The Lunches were great, the food was on time.” 5 Stars Jenn in Denver, CO


 “The selection pleased my entire team of 12, including my health nuts. Very good!!” 5 Stars – Erin in Greenwood Village


 “MAD Greens is a summertime favorite in the office. Always fresh and delivered on time!” 5 Stars - Danette in Denver, CO


“Excellent, great food and presentation was perfect, will use again for future board meetings.”  5 Stars - Rhonda in Englewood, CO


“Really delicious, fresh food! I didn't order enough apparently but I will remember that for next time.” 5 Stars - Casey in Golden, CO


 “It was a perfect amount of food. Exactly what we needed for our group.” 5 Stars - Heather in Denver, CO


“A favorite for summer time lunches. Always fresh and delivered on time.” 4 Stars- Danette in Denver, CO


 “The customers really enjoyed the fresh salad bar. The first person to eat said "yes! Mad greens!" 5 Stars - Bradd in Denver, CO


“The salad wraps were amazing, and all the pasta salad was gone before I got a chance to try, but heard good things.” 5 Stars - Frank in Denver, CO


“One time, fresh, easy to set up and delicious! Even our very picky eaters around here loved it. Definitely ordering again.” 5 Stars - Casey in Golden, CO


“I am so grateful to have MAD Greens as an option for our catering for business meetings and corporate trainings. There's literally something for EVERYONE and every type of diet (gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, etc). Always great doing business with you all!” 5 Stars - K. in Denver, CO


 “Always a crowd pleaser and a nice variety of sides.” 5 Stars - -Jenn in Denver, CO


 “Great options and food. Great service as well.” 4 Stars - Josh in Denver, CO


“The food was delicious! The delivery was delayed 45 minutes due to a flat tire, but the food was still good and cold when it arrived. The Don Quxiote Salad and BLT Wrap were the favorites.” 5 Stars - Scottie in Scottsdale, AZ


“Great food and selection. I like how each label explains the contents of each box. However, this time they didn't label our special diet ones as requested (they did EXCELLENT on that last time!) and they didn't provide cups . But overall, still a great experience.” 4 Stars - Karen in Greenwood Village, CO


 “Love the food, plenty for everyone! They always provide everything you need and make a great display!” 4 Stars - Jena in Boulder, CO


“First time to order - group really enjoyed it! Did not realize that I needed to order salad dressing. It did not come with the salads. Chicken sandwiches were great and appreciated the clean set up and clean up with the delivery boxes!” 5 Stars - Emily in Fort Collins, CO


“Awesome! Great food, delivered early and well labeled. Everyone loved it. Thank you.” 5 Stars - Karen in Greenwood Village, CO


“Always love mad greens. Never been disappointed.” 5 Stars -  Julie in Phoenix, AZ


“Received tons of positive feedback thanks to lunch from Mad Greens! Tried the salad bar for the first time and a definite MUST for anyone hosting a meeting with vegans and vegetarians. Perfect option!!” 5 Stars - K. in Boulder, CO


“Great food and plenty of it to get passed around.” 5 Stars -  Whitney in Louisville, CO


“Everyone loved the pasta. Was fresh and tasted great!” 5 Stars -  Whitney in Louisville, CO


“Was on time and was fresh everyday it was delivered.” 5 Stars - Whitney in Louisville, CO


“Wonderful food and amazing dessert!! on time and really great size.” 5 Stars -  Wolf in Fort Collins, CO


“Delicious food, the salads are so good and fresh!” 5 Stars - Betty in Scottsdale, AZ


“The assortment was great and the food was fresh.” Whitney in Westminster, CO


 “Delicious and healthy, always on time for lunch.” Betty in Scottsdale, AZ


“Awesome. Plenty of chicken, lettuce and sides! Better than Salata!” 5 Stars - Karen in Lakeway, TX


 “Options for everyone. salad is always fresh. always on time.” 5 Stars - Megan in Fort Collins, CO


 “Awesome Vendor, great for our vegans/vegetarians. Really great packaging. Would be great for an executive meeting!” 5 Stars - Kelsey in Austin, TX


 “Salads were very good and fresh. Not a big fan of the vegetarian wrap we ordered but the pasta salad made up for it. Arrived on time.” 4 Stars - Stephanie in Phoenix, AZ


“The salad bar was amazing as always, but they recommended more food for my group size, and turns out it was way too much. I am going to stick with my own orders from now on and not take their amounts recommended. Food was still great and everyone loved it, I just spent too much money.” 3 Stars - Jena in Boulder, CO


“On time. Great for gluten free people. Will re-use.” 5 Stars - Megan in Boulder, CO


“As normal, Mad Greens doesn't disappoint. The food is good, plentiful and well labeled. If I had one grip, I ordered a lot of sandwiches and wish we had more of a variety. They gave us a lot of one type.” 5 Stars - Julie in Tempe, AZ


 “The food was very fresh and everyone was able to find something that they liked. We would definitely order again.” 5 Stars - Ashley in Scottsdale, AZ


“Great salad bar, will use MadGreens more often!” 5 Stars - Jena in Fort Collins, CO


“Fantastic! Was everything that was promised. Will do it again.” 5 Stars -  KATHERINE in Westminster, CO


“Madgreens has an awesome set up every time.” 5 Stars - bjr in Loveland, CO


 “Loved the pasta salad and assortment. By far my favorite.” Whitney in Lone Tree, CO


“I don't know what kind of dressing came with salad but the salad itself was awesome. Apples, walnuts, blue cheese and spring mix.”5 Stars - Reyes in Tempe, AZ


“SO grateful for Mad Greens caters. We literally order from them once a week for our corporate trainings! There's something for everyone!” 5 Stars - K. in Boulder, CO


 “Perfect amount of food. Fruit salad was the best~! Showed up about 30 minutes prior to eating time, but this was fine due to everything being cold.” 5 Stars - Stephanie in Phoenix, AZ


 “You can never go wrong with a good salad and wrap.” 5 Stars -Reyes in Tempe, AZ


 “Great, fresh salads with a great variety too.” 5 Stars - McCall in Tempe, AZ


“Mad Greens is always healthy and yummy! Would definitely recommend them for catering. Leftovers are good.” 5 Stars - Jenny in Boulder, CO


 “We have to do healthy eating at least every 2 weeks. not a bad choice.” 4 Stars - Reyes in Tempe, AZ


 “The food from Mad Greens is amazing. I always have rave reviews when we order from them. It feels likely they provide more food than I order which is not a bad thing - leftovers are great. Portions are hefty. I can't give five stars due to missing drinks on order but otherwise, yummy food and friendly delivery. Will definitely use again.” 5 Stars - Julie in Phoenix, AZ


“Mad Greens is so healthy and fresh, both the wraps and the salads!” 5 Stars - McCall in Tempe, AZ


 “Not the biggest fan myself but we toss in the rotation every 2 weeks. Others here like it.” 4 Stars - Reyes in Tempe, AZ


 “Wonderful food. Great assortment! Will order from them again in the future.” 5 Stars - Liz in Tempe, AZ


 “Guests loved the healthy selection of items to choose from to make their own salad.” 5 Stars - Lisa in Scottsdale, AZ


 “I will definitely use Mad Greens again. The food was early, well-proportioned and the set-up was easy and nicely displayed. I love how they put a sticker in front of the type of sandwich, wrap, salad, etc. It was so easy to choose which one to eat. My guests raved about the food and we'll be using them again for our March meeting.” 5 Stars - Julie in Phoenix, AZ


 “Always a healthy alternative to carb filled lunches with chips and cookies.” 4 Stars - McCall in Tempe, AZ


Great crowd pleasing salads. The wraps were kind of small, but pretty good.” 5 Stars - McCall in Tempe, AZ

 “Our meeting ended early so we called in the employees from our office and the box lunches were enjoyed by all!” 4 Stars - Sandy in Phoenix, AZ


 “Yummy, not enough variety but really great all and all.” 4 Stars - Wolf in Fort Collins, CO


 “We had a VERY sweet woman who dropped off and set up our lunch. The food was fresh and delicious and the delivery was actually early. Thanks for a great lunch. We will be using them again.” 5 Stars - Stephanie in Phoenix, AZ


 “The wraps were pretty good. It was a healthy alternative, along with the salads.” 3 Stars - McCall in Tempe, AZ


 “MAD Greens is always a hit with my health conscious office. Very fresh and yummy! A crowd pleaser!” 5 Stars - McCall in Tempe, AZ


 “First time using and it was excellent! On time, very nice set up, great food! Will def use again.” 5 Stars - BioRep in Tempe, AZ


 “Chicken was a bit dry in the wraps.” 3 Stars - John in Lakewood, CO


 “Very tasty, just a little bit messy on the wraps.” 4 Stars - Kayla in Littleton, CO


 “Healthy and filling. My office loved the salad and protein!” 5 Stars - McCall in Tempe, AZ