The Eat Better Box

The Eat Better Box is our signature catering item. Every box can be customized with a delicious combination of our salads, wraps or sides. All calorie ranges per serving, from lowest caloric salad/wrap combo to highest possible.

1 MAD Salad & 12 half MAD Wraps

Most Popular: Poe Salad, Chipotle Caesar Wrap and Annie Oakley Wrap (choose 2 types of wraps)

Serves 10
500 - 960 Calories
2 MAD Salads & 2 Protein Add-Ins

Most Popular: Athena (Greek) Salad with House Grilled Chicken & Poe Salad with House Grilled Chicken

Serves 10
210 - 430 Calories
24 half MAD Wraps

Most Popular: Annie Oakley Wrap, The Duke Wrap, BLT Wrap & Chipotle Caesar Wrap (choose up to 4 types of wraps).

Serves 10
350 - 630 Calories

2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice, but calorie needs vary.

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