More Great Eat Better Boxes to choose from

MAD Salads & MAD Salads, MAD Wraps & MAD Waps or MAD Sandwiches & MAD Sandwiches. Delicious combinations of our favorite menu items.

2 MAD Salads & 2 Protein Add-Ins (TX)

Choose 2 MAD Salads and 2 Protein Add-ins.

The most popular: Dionysos (Greek) Salad with Citrus Grilled Chicken and MAD Molly Brown Salad with Southwestern Grilled Chicken.

Serves 10
24 Half MAD Wraps

Choose 4 MAD Wraps for the 24 Half MAD Wrap box.

Most Popular: The Duke, Albert E's BLT, MAD Caesar & Marilyn Monroe.

Serves 10
24 Half MAD Sandwiches

Choose 4 MAD Sandwiches for the 24 Half MAD Sandwich box.

Most Popular: Grace Kelly, Lucy's Club, Yogi Berra, and Charlie Chaplin (Veggie).

Serves 10

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